Our store, BASMA ZAHER , is committed to a great degree of protection to protect our customers ’personal data. Through our valued customers accepting their privacy policy, we are allowed to collect their personal information only in accordance with the privacy policy and be very limited, please know that it will not be sold, used or displayed. Any personal data of our clients to any other parties, whether for or not in exchange.

How does BASMA ZAHER get our customer information:

Once the new account is opened on our store, we require a set of customer-specific data, in order for the information to be completed in the correct way in order for the account registration process to be completed on the HUWSHOP site, so that you can be sure that there is no misleading or incorrect information.

What are the sources of our personal and confidential customer information:

Data and information that our client has provided us with through the site or through customer service and forms recorded on the site.
Data entered by third parties but incorrectly and is being matched to prevent fraud for our clients.
Data on purchases and withdrawal dates.
Data provided by our clients to a customer service representative or incomplete information.
Data from another party or a third party, which our customers confirm.

Some security measures in our store:

Upon completion of the registration, you can directly start purchases through our store, BASMA ZAHER , which is protected against abuse, and protected against fraud, by the following procedures:

User data collection and access allow us to prevent multiple account opening and prevent fraudulent behavior and to protect our system against any unlawful attacks.
Our customers’ IP address is recorded and saved, including how often we access the BASMA ZAHER store.

 What personal information does our store collect:

Your name, address, email, phone number, and other basic information.
Information about registration with our store from the sender’s details and some notes about the purchases.
Financial information such as: bank account details in some transactions, and is confidential via the payment system.

Information exchange from the Customer Service Department:

The BASMA ZAHER store does not ask you for full credit card information via social media.

The BASMA ZAHER store does not ask our customers over the phone or the phone platforms for bank cards information in case there are any problems with the purchase process and it is forbidden to send them to customer service representatives, in this case an order is sent through the site to complete the solution or help.